Israel - US Relations: a mutually beneficial bilateral bond

Israel Institute for Strategic Studies YouTube: , April 23, 2017

The following 10-minute-video ( highlights:
1.  US policy toward Israel is driven by prime US national security interests and priorities, militarily and commercially. 

2.  US-Israel relations have evolved into a productive two-way-street, mutually-beneficial ties.
3.  Israel is a unique national-security producer for the US in face of the imminent threats of Iran's Ayatollahs and Islamic terrorism, and in the attempt to bolster the pro-US Arab regimes.

4. US policy toward the proposed Palestinian state should be based on US national security interests, realizing that a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River would doom the pro-US Hashemite Jordanian regime east of the Jordan River, and consequently threatening the pro-US Arab regimes in the Arabian Peninsula.

5. The Jewish community in the US has provided a robust tailwind to the deeply-rooted affinity (since the 1620 “Mayflower”) by the American people toward the Jewish state. Congressional legislation, enhancing US-Israel cooperation, have been introduced, almost exclusively, by Christian legislators.