Terrorism in Jerusalem and US-Israel relations

IBA TV News (English), November 18, 2014

The US Congress should suspend annual foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority until hate education is uprooted. 

Briefing EMET leadership and activists

EMET taping, http://emetonline.org/phone-seminar-amb-yoram-ettinger-lessons-israels-war-gaza/ , August 19, 2014

 Israel's war on Hamas will determine the future of vulnerable pro-American Arab regimes.

Can President Obama Pressure Israel Effectively?

"Israel Hayom," http://bit.ly/1s9oXX4, August 01, 2014

 President Obama cannot pressure Israel effectively. 

Secretary John Kerry's ceasefire proposal

Israel TV, English News, July 27, 2014

 Secretary John Kerry undermines US interests and provides tailwind to Islamic terrorism

US Exceptionalism and the Moses Legacy

"Israel Hayom", http://bit.ly/1thxIQ0, April 18, 2014

 For four hundred years… one person has inspired more Americans than any other.  One man is America's true founding father.  His name is Moses."  

President Obama's "If not now, when?!"

"Israel Hayom", http://bit.ly/NES8ST, March 07, 2014

 Is President Obama correct to assume that regional and global circumstances are, now, conducive for a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

Americans: Israel is the MVP

"Israel Hayom", http://bit.ly/1fF5vbZ, February 21, 2014

 At a time when the White House is pressuring Israel to make dramatic concessions, the Jewish State enjoys an all-time high popularity among Americans

Appeasement and Economic Sanctions

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1exDGHl, February 07, 2014

According to Winston Churchill, “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

A Palestinian State – Would it Further US Interests?!

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1a6dWhU , January 10, 2014

No Congressional hearing has been conducted on the impact on vital US economic and national security interestsof by the proposed Palestinian state, which would doom to oblivion the pro-US Hashemite regime, threaten the House of Saud and enhance the fortunes of Iran, Russia, China and No. Korea. 

Assessing Secretary Kerry’s Proposal

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1cuzBNe, January 04, 2014

The value of Secretary John Kerry’s assessments and proposed peace agreement, which would reduce Israel to a 9-15 mile waistline (the pre-1967 lines), in the increasingly raging Middle East, is consistent with Kerry’s track record.

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