There Is No Palestinian State

The Daily Beast, September 16, 2011

The two factions dominating Palestinian life, the Hamas and Fatah, remain armed groups, and active practitioners of terrorism—an assured recipe for a failed state.

The Palestinian Labyrinth, September 09, 2011

Palestinian demograhpics - exposing misrepresentations. Is the Palestinian issue the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle East turbulence?  Is it the crown jewel of Arab policy-making? Is it the engine behind anti-Western Islamic terrorism?

US Foreign Aid to the PA - Counterproductive, August 19, 2011

suspending foreign aid would express Congressional conviction that hate-education on the one hand and peace and democracy on the other hand constitute an outrageous oxymoron.

Palestinian Hate Education (K-12)

Palestinian Media Watch: , August 15, 2011

A Palestinian kindergarten ceremony included a play performed by children named The Martyr's Wedding alongside a play from the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Palestinian Media Watch has documented the frequent use by Palestinians of the term "wedding" to refer to the death and funeral of "Martyrs," in keeping with the Islamic tradition that the Martyr for Allah marries 72 Dark-Eyed Virgins of Paradise:

The Palestinian Fiddle, August 02, 2011

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Palestinian issue is not a primary Middle East concern. However, while the Middle East is burning - irrespective of the Palestinian issue, of the Arab-Israeli conflict or Israel's policies and existence - the American and the European foreign policy establishments are playing the Palestinian fiddle.

Palestinians: It's Israel's Existence - Not Size - Stupid!

Jerusalem Post, July 15, 2011

73% agree with the call attributed to Islam's Prophet, Muhhamad, to kill Jews hiding behind stones and trees.  53% favor teaching songs about hating Jews in Palestinian schools.

The One-State Solution

Interview (6.30.2011) on Bridges for Peace Radio, July 02, 2011

The two-state solution is inconsistent with Mideast reality and with the existence of the Jewish State, against the backdrop of the failed "peace process" since 1993, in view of the Arab/Muslim track record during the last 1,400 years and in light of the current seismic upheaval in all Arab countries. The one-state-solution is compatible with the historical, security and demographic requirements of the Jewish State, with Middle East geo-politics and with vital US and Free World interests.

The Partition Plan, UN Resolution #181

Eli Hertz documents, June 23, 2011

On June 18, 2011 the New York Times published an OP-ED by its Columnist Thomas Friedman, named "What to Do With Lemons," suggesting to "update Resolution 181" and take it to "the more prestigious Security Council." Friedman's writing is so biased that it casts off Arab's aggression and terrorism to be irrelevant to the search for peace. By twisting history as he does, Friedman's 'solutions' can only produce incitement, aggression and hostility.

The establishment of Israel was an unprecedented catastrophe

Palestinian Media Watch, May 18, 2011

The Arab-Israeli conflict is over the existence - not the size - of the Jewish State, as evidenced by Abu Mazen's school text books. That which Abu Mazen educates his youth reflects most authentically his ideology and vision; much more than statements made to Western audiences.
The pursuit of peace on one hand and hate-education on the other hand constitute an oxymoron.

Arabs Condemn – But Prefer – Israel,7340,L-4050815,00.html, April 01, 2011

Israeli ID cards have been sought by senior PLO and Hamas officials and their relatives, such as the three sisters of Ismail Haniyeh, the top leader of Hamas.  They married Israeli Arabs and migrated from Gaza to Tel Sheva in Israel's Negev.

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