The Palestinian Refugees – a Reality Check (part 1)

“Israel Hayom”, , December 13, 2013

Since 1945, there have been some 100 million refugees worldwide, most of them resettled.

The Oslo Accord Reality Check

“Israel Hayom”,, November 01, 2013

 The Oslo Accord state of mind, and the new Middle East vision, have been trounced by the Arab Tsunami, which imploded the real Middle East, transitioning the region toward further fanaticism, terrorism, tyranny and anti-“infidel” sentiments, away from moderation, peace, democracy and tolerance. 

Renewed Peace Process: Foreign Assistance, Pressure and Settlements

"Israel Hayom" TV,, July 21, 2013

Peaceful coexistence on the one hand, and the uprooting of Jews or Arabs on the other hand, constitutes a classic oxymoron.

$4 billion to the Palestinian Authority? Not by Arabs!

“Israel Hayom”, , June 09, 2013

While Kerry considers the Palestinian issue to be central to Middle East developments and the crown-jewel of Arab policy-making, the Arab oil-producing countries shower the PA with rhetoric, but no money.

Beware of Arabs selling oceanfront property in Arizona

“Israel Hayom”, , May 03, 2013

The recycled Arab League peace proposal – based on the Palestinian claim of return and the1967 lines with mutually agreed land swap – attempts to sell oceanfront property in Arizona.

Obama’s Criticism of Netanyahu Exposes Palestinian Issue

“Israel Hayom”,, January 18, 2013

President Obama’s criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu – on the eve of the January 22, 2013 Israeli election - underlines the secondary role played by the Palestinian issue in shaping US-Israel strategic cooperation.

Chuck Hagel Joins the Palestine Firsters

"Israel Hayom", , January 11, 2013

In contrast with the worldview of Hagel and other Palestine Firsters, none of the tectonic developments on the stormy Arab Street derives from the Palestinian issue

Israel’s response to the November 29, 2012 UN Vote

“Israel Hayom”,, December 03, 2012

The flabbier the Israeli policy and the frailer the Israeli response to Palestinian terrorism, the more flagrant is the Palestinian abrogation of agreements. 

The Gaza Clash of Civilizations radio interview

The Wilkow Majority radio show,, November 20, 2012

Israel is the beachhead of Western democracies in the battle against Islamic terrorism.

Romney’s Comments: Realism VS Wishful Thinking

“Israel Hayom”,, September 21, 2012

Governor Romney’s September 18, 2012 assessments of the Palestinian issue – opposing the “two state solution” - highlight the battle between data-driven realism and desire-driven wishful-thinking.

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