The Palestinian Issue – The Crux of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom #205, August 10, 2007

US policy-makers have contended that the establishment of a Palestinian State would resolve the Palestinian issue, which is – supposedly – the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Really?

The Proposed Palestinian State – US Asset or Liability?

Straight From the Jerusalem Cloakroom #204, July 13, 2007

1.  The nature of the proposed Palestinian state and its impact on regional stability, terrorism and vital US interests and values are attested by the raging Palestinian civil war and by the track record of the Palestinian Authority (PA) since 1993 and the PLO/Fatah since 1964 and 1959.  It has been characterized by hate education, homicide bombing, systematic violent violation of commitments, inter-Arab treachery, corruption and oppression of Palestinians, in general, and the Christian community of Bethlehem in particular.

“Defense Shmefense” – How not to combat Palestinian Terrorism

Makor Rishon Daily, May 27, 2007

The more entrenched is the defensive state of Israeli mind – as has been the case since the 1993 Oslo Accord – the more intensified is Palestinian terrorism.

Passover's Daye'nou & the Proposed Palestinian State

Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom #202, March 27, 2007

How many assumptions have the Palestinian State Supporters (PSS) bestowed upon us?


1.  If the PSS had ONLY assumed that snatching the PLO (in 1993) from the jaws of oblivion in Mideast terrorist camps, installing the PLO onto hilltops overlooking the door steps of its intended victim (Israel), arming and training the Palestinians, rewarding the PLO with a Nobel Peace Prize and with frequent access to the White House, and showering upon the Palestinians a multi-billion dollar aid-package, would pave the road to A MODERATE PALESTINIAN STATE AND PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH ISRAEL, DA’YE’NOU (it would suffice);

Abu Mazen and the "Prisoners' Document" – A Man of Peace?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #192, June 25, 2006

1.  Five leading terrorists compiled the "Prisoners' Document", which has been embraced by Abu Mazen: Fatah's Marwan Barghouti, serving 5 terms of life imprisonment, Hamas' Abd Al-Khaliq Al-Natsheh, Islamic Jihad's Bassam Al- Saadi, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's Abd Al-Rahim Mallouh and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine's Mustafa Badarneh. 

Funding Abu Mazen’s Hate Education

Striaght from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #190, March 13, 2006

1.  Abu Mazen's education system reflects his ideology/strategy, more than his dialogue with the West. Abu Mazen is the architect of PA education, shaping long-term attitudes toward Israel and the Jewish People. It is the main manufacturing line of homicide bombers, a role model/reservoir for Islamic and international terrorism.

Should the US Stop Foreign Aid to Palestinians?

Straigth from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #189, February 27, 2006

1. 57% of Americans oppose foreign aid to Palestinians, according to a February 2006 Gallup poll.

Stop Foreign Aid to the Palestinians

The New York Sun, Opinion Section, February 27, 2006

A 57% majority of Americans oppose foreign aid to Palestinians, according to a February 2006 Gallup poll. They know that persisting in financial assistance to a rogue regime amounts to a repeat of past mistakes, rather than learning from them.

It’s the Palestinian Authority, Stupid!

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #184, September 25, 2005

1.  THE 1993-94 IMPORTATION OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY (PA) from terrorist camps in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia and Lebanon created the largest terrorist base in the Middle East. The PA, rather than Hamas, has provided the overriding manpower, hate-education, logistics and operational capabilities, which have produced an unprecedented wave of Palestinian terrorism.  Suspension of disbelief has presented the PA as a partner for peace, rather than a terrorist regime. It is consistent with Oslo wishful-thinking, but inconsistent with Middle East reality and with an effective battle against global terrorism.  

Abu Mazen’s Achievements

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #177, May 19, 2005

Will the White House welcome Abu Mazen in view of the following achievements? Will Congress tolerate foreign aid, which would reward the following achievements? Would the US welcome and assist an Iraqi/Afghani leader, who would demonstrate such achievements?

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