Chanukah: "Rebellion Against Tyrants Is Obedience to God.”

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #186, June 12, 2005

1. CHANUKAH, THE HOLIDAY OF EDUCATION. The Hebrew root of Chanukah is identical to that of "education" (Chinuch).  According to the first book of The Maccabees, the Jewish People was instructed to observe an eight day holiday on the 25th day of the month of Kislev, in order to commemorate the "dedication" (Chanukah in Hebrew) of the Temple's holy altar, following Syrian occupation and desecration. Chanukah consists of two words - CHANU (they rested/stationed) and KAH (25), which refers to the 25th day of the month of Kislev.  Some suggest that the celebration of Christmas on December 25th and the celebration of the New Year 8 days later, have their origin in the 25th day of Kislev (always around December) and the 8 days of Chanukah as well as the eight days of circumcision.

Israel's outgoing Chairman of the Joint C-o-S: Disengagement Fuels War!

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #179, June 09, 2005

1.  Public support of “Disengagement” plummeted to 48%, down from 70% a few weeks ago.  According to polls, while support has been soft, the opposition to "Disengagement" has been solid.  Recent polls have been conducted while the entire media has been deployed in support of "Disengagement", denying opponents an equal platform. 

The Impact of “Disengagement” upon US Interests – Will Congress Conduct Hearings?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #178, May 26, 2005

1.  ESCALATED TERRORISM.  The morally/strategically justifiable demolition of terror regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan is inconsistent with the creation/bolstering of a terror regime in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. The 1994-6 series of disengagements from 85% and 40% of the territory (and 100% and 95% of the population) of Gaza and Judea and Samaria have established the largest terrorist base in the world, led/harbored by PLO/PA graduates of terrorist camps in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and Tunisia. Since 1993 the PA has harbored anti-US terrorists. US GIs in Afghanistan and Iraq were encountered by Palestinian terrorists.

Abu Mazen’s Achievements

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #177, May 19, 2005

Will the White House welcome Abu Mazen in view of the following achievements? Will Congress tolerate foreign aid, which would reward the following achievements? Would the US welcome and assist an Iraqi/Afghani leader, who would demonstrate such achievements?

(Passover's hymn) How Many Good Qualities Underline US-Israel Special Ties?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #176, April 19, 2005

If the 17th century Puritans in the Colonies had only respected the Old Testament, but had not been more Talmudic than many American Rabbis, Daye'noo (It would've sufficed);

Israeli Jews Equally Divided on “Disengagement”

straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #175, April 10, 2005

1. ISRAELI JEWS ARE EQUALLY DIVIDED ON "DISENGAGEMENT", according to "Geocartography", a leading Israeli polling firm ("Globes" Business Daily, April 1, 2005).  

Disengagement – Track Record Examined

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #174, February 28, 2005

1. Israel's 1993/6 disengagement from Gaza and 40% of Judea and Samaria established the pro-Saddam/Taliban PA, coinciding with the dramatic rise in anti-US Islamic terrorism, leading to the Twin Towers terrorism.  Palestinian terrorists fought the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. Islamic terrorists compare Israel's disengagement to the US retreat from Beirut (1983) and Somali (1993).


Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #173, February 10, 2005

1.  President G.W. Bush’s  September 20, 2001 speech VS. $390MN to Abu Mazen. 


"Deliver to the US all the leaders of Al-Qaeda who hide in your land...Close immediately and permanently every terrorist training camp in Afghanistan, and hand over every terrorist...But, Abu Mazen has stated that he would not fight, nor would he extradite, Palestinian terrorists. Palestinian terrorism - mostly masterminded by PA leaders and carried out by PA "security forces" - has evolved, under the 1993-2005 Arafat-Abu Mazen regime, into the largest terrorist base in the world.

Would your House Representative/Senator condone Abu Mazen’s invitation by the Administration?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #172, January 18, 2005

It doesn't matter how one defines next week's Palestinian election. Election held by a totalitarian/terrorist regime is not free!

Abu Mazen - A New Palestinian Regime?

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #171, November 26, 2004

1. The US would not legitimize anyone from Bin Laden’s or Saddam’s regime. A prerequisite for free elections, for a moderate Palestinian regime, and for a durable Israeli-Palestinian accord, is the elimination of the rogue PLO/PA regime, the role model of terrorism, inter-Arab treachery, corruption and suppression of Palestinian human rights.

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