A nuclear Iran threatening vital US interests

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1EtZ90b , January 30, 2015

A nuclear Iran would compound the clear, present and lethal threat posed by a conventional Iran to critical American and Western interests, to the survival of Israel, Saudi Arabia and other pro-US Arab oil-producers and to global sanity.  

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy

"Israel Hayom," http://bit.ly/1oGOZOj, October 03, 2014

The assumption that the enemy of my enemy is my potential friend triggered a dramatic conventional cost when applied to Iraq in 1990; it will produce a mega-trillion dollar nuclear cost if applied to Iran in 2014.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement and the Common Sense Test

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/IGMYn2, November 29, 2013

Contrary to conventional “wisdom,” Iran considers the US and the Arab oil-producing Gulf States – not Israel – the primary target for its nuclear capabilities. 

The US-Related Saudi Predicament

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1drhpdp , October 25, 2013

US House Members and Senators are increasingly approached by panicky leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman and Kuwait

President Obama’s UN Speech – New or Old Middle East?

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/15zPF3K , September 27, 2013

Obama clarified that his Middle East policy has not fluctuated since his 2008 presidential campaign, notwithstanding the unprecedented geo-political transfiguration of the Arab Street during his two terms.

Illusive Middle East agreements – the Taqiyya concept

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/1b6bGZ3, July 12, 2013

The “Taqiyya” concept constitutes Islam-sanctioned dissimulation, deception and concealment of inconvenient data, aimed at shielding Islam and “believers” from “infidels” and hostile Muslims.

Effective Sanctions on Iran – Oxymoron

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/SWcN0J, November 18, 2012

Twenty eight years of unilateral and multilateral US-led sanctions, accompanied by diplomatic pressure and cyber sabotage, have failed to deter Iran’s Ayatollahs from approaching nuclear capabilities. 

Absent Military Preemption: US Devastation

Asia Times, http://atimes.com/atimes/Front_Page/NI18Aa01.html, September 18, 2012

Absent an Israeli strike, America faces: A nuclear-armed Iran; Iraq's continued drift towards alliance with Iran; An overtly hostile regime in Egypt,

Israel’s Unilateral Action – a Test of Sovereignty

“Israel Hayom”, bit.ly/OqqP7C, August 17, 2012

surrendering Israel’s inalienable right of self-defense would undermine Israel’s sovereignty, erode its posture of deterrence, jeopardize its existence, fuel regional chaos and undermine US interests in the Middle East.

Saudis Prefer US Military Preemption

“Israel Hayom”, http://bit.ly/MI3Mpq, June 24, 2012

A nuclear Iran would be a clear and present threat to pro-US regimes in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, would lead to a violent, regional and global slippery slope, thus severely undermining the US economy and national security.

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