Topics of Speaking Engagements (click for more topics)

TheEttingerReport.Com, January 01, 2013



1.     US-Israel Mutually-Beneficial Ties (What’s in it for the US in its ties with Israel?).


2.     The US-Iran-Saudi Arabia-Israel Labyrinth (Can the US afford a nuclear Iran?).


3.     *The Foundations of the US-Israel Covenant – Shared values from the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers to 2013.


4.     *The Jewish-Arab Demographic Bogey: Is it a time bomb or a scarecrow?


5.     Middle East misperceptions.


6.     The Impact of the Proposed Palestinian State on Vital US Interests.


7.     The Palestinian Issue – Is it the Core of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, the root cause of Middle East turbulence, the crown jewel of Arab policy-making, or a core cause of anti-US Islamic terrorism?


8.     *The Palestinian Refugees Why? Whose responsibility? How many? Where did they come from? The global context? Jewish refugees!


9.     The "Arab Street" wake-up call for the US and Israel.


10.      *Israel’s economy in defiance of global meltdown.


11.      US Pressure on Israel – myth & reality.


12.      The US Congress – co-determining and co-equal to the President; a bastion of support of US-Israel cooperation.


13.      The impact of the 2012 US presidential/congressional elections on US-Israel relations.


14.      *The Mountain Ridges of Judea & Samaria: Is it indispensable to the survival of the Jewish State?