Palestinian Christians Swept Under the Annapolis Carpet!


1. “Bethlehem will become a town of churches devoid of Christians, if you transfer the area to the Palestinian Authority,” predicted the late Mayor of Bethlehem, Elias Freij, pleading – in 1993 – not to transfer the area to PLO control. The heads of Bethlehem and Beit Jallah monasteries begged the US and Israel – in 1993 – to refrain from transferring the area to the Palestinian Authority.  Their request was denied, in order to advance the Oslo Process…

Israel - the top foreign source of deal-flow in the US

Straight From the Jerusalem Boardroom #120, December 07, 2007

In spite of the 2006 Lebanese War, in defiance of sustained Palestinian terrorism, irrespective of no progress in the "peace process" and independent of Israel's political uncertainty:


1. Israel is ranked as the top foreign source of deal-flow, ahead of Canada, China and India, by US VC funds managers. The survey, conducted by Delloite Touche, has also ranked Israel as the second (to Canada) most attractive source of entrepreneurs. 46% of US VC funds invest abroad (The Marker, Dec. 6, 2007).

The Prime Minister is Mistaken and Misleading,7340,L-3479497,00.html, December 03, 2007

Prime Minister Olmert contends that the Jewish State must retreat from Judea & Samaria, lest it share the fate of South Africa.  He is mistaken and misleading!


Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom #209, November 26, 2007

Was the Annapolis Conference a gathering of moderate Arabs? The Arab/Muslim attitude toward Jerusalem provides a documented answer.

Quo Vadis Annapolis?!

Ynet (Hebrew edition only), November 13, 2007

US and Israeli policy makers are premising the Annapolis Conference on foundations that have led to a series of bloody collapses in Oslo, Cairo, Hebron, Wye, Sharm el-Sheikh, Camp David 2 and the “Disengagement.” They assume that Abu Mazen has adopted a mentality of peace, thus granting yet another victory to the simplistic world of delusions over Mideast’s complex reality.

The late Professor Majid Khadduri, from Johns Hopkins University’, considered the world’s leading authority on Arab definitions of peace and war, noted that Arabs view peace as a tactical means for achieving their strategic objective – defeating the enemy. Peace constitutes a necessary, but temporary, break in the ongoing war against the enemy and/or infidel.

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