Root Causes of Anti-US Islamic Terrorism (2nd part)

Jerusalem Cloakroom #199, December 04, 2006

1. Jim Baker’s Track Record.  Until the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, then Secretary of State Jim Baker placated Saddam Hussein by a transfer of sensitive technologies, by $5BN loan guarantees, by intelligence-sharing, by referring to a potential invasion of Kuwait as "an inter-Arab issue", and by attempting to break the back of Israel's Prime Minister Shamir.  Thus, Baker energized rogue regimes and fueled turmoil in the Gulf and beyond, second only to the turmoil triggered by Jimmy Carter's pandering to Khomeini.  In 2006, Baker – just like Carter - is determined to learn from history by repeating – rather than by avoiding – past critical errors.

Demographobia Exposed - Historical Perspective

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #198, November 26, 2006

1. The Jewish population between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean has grown 164 times since 1882, while the Arab population has grown 6 times.

Root Causes of Anti-US Islamic Terrorism (1st part)

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #197, November 21, 2006

Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jim Baker and Brent Scowcroft have developed an intriguing theory: The core of the 13-century-old Islamic terrorism and Middle East violence is the less-than-a-century-old Palestinian issue.  They have introduced a cost-effective tactic in combating terrorism:  Rather than flex a muscle against Iran and other rogue regimes, instead of challenging the Palestinian Terror Authority and Hamas, one should suspend disbelief, shrink the Jewish State back to the 1949 Lines and establish a Palestinian State.  Such a contriving approach would, supposedly, mollify the unprecedented wave of anti-US Islamic terrorism.  Really?!

What’s in it for the USA in its Ties with Israel?!

Straight from the Jerusalem Cloakroom #196, November 05, 2006

The following has been compiled by Jack Rains, a business and a political mover and shaker in Houston, Texas:


 "OK. So I understand that you are ticked off at Israel and in love with the Palestinians.   That's fine with me, as long as you have truly weighed up all the facts.  So, you want to boycott Israel?  I'll be sorry to miss you, but if you are doing it - do it properly. Let me help you.

The Multi-National Force in Southern Lebanon – Asset or Liability?

, October 30, 2006

The stationing of a Multi-National Force (MNF) in Southern Lebanon constitutes a liability, and not an asset.  It has been demonstrated by a recent confrontation between Israel's air force and a German battleship off the coast of Lebanon, by the French threat to hit Israeli aircraft on intelligence missions over Lebanon, and by UNIFIL's refusal to disarm Hizballah.


The MNF would create a short-term false sense of stability, while weakening Israel's long-term national security. It is destined to fail, to undermine Israel's war on terrorism, to strain Israel's ties with member nations and to erode Israel's strategic and deterrence posture in the US and in the Mideast.

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