Purim guide for the perplexed, 2015 (excerpts)

More is available in: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/499393, March 03, 2015 “Purimfest 1946” yelled Julius Streicher, the Nazi propaganda chief, as he approached the hanging gallows (Newsweek, October 28, 1946, page 46).  

Netanyahu addresses the Joint Session of Congress (short term convenience VS long term security)

"Israel Hayom", http://bit.ly/1AggiDn, February 27, 2015 Netanyahu's defiance of short-term political convenience will spare the US, Israel and the Free World long-term disasters.

Eli Weisel endorses Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech at the Join Session of Congress

http://bit.ly/1EedfQ4, February 16, 2015  “An appeal to President Obama and Congress to demand, as a condition of continued talks, the total dismantling of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure."

Israel's BDS: Bounce, Develop and Surge

"Israel Hayom," http://bit.ly/1FGETGF , February 13, 2015 In defiance of the anti-Israel BDS movement,Israel demonstrates a faster-than-expected economic recovery from the 2014 war on Hamas terrorists in Gaza. 

The mutually-beneficial, two-way-street US-Israel ties

http://bit.ly/__TheTwoWayStreet__MutuallyBeneficialTies, February 06, 2015 Conventional wisdom suggests that US-Israel ties constitute a one-way-street: The US gives and Israel receives. However, in recent years the one-way-street has been transformed into a two-way-street, mutually-beneficial, win-win set of ties:

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